What is Mindfulness?

The Oxford Dictionary definition of Mindfulness is: “A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique“.

So mindfulness means paying attention to the experiences that are occurring to us. Noticing what is within and around us, how we feel, how our bodies feel and what is happening right now, right here in the present moment. When being mindful we are not required to do or have anything. We merely need to be in a state of observation; without judgment, with nothing added nor taken away, nothing negated, nor applauded. We are unattached to what we observe and are simply a witness to the full experience of it. More than that, we are 100% aware of what is unfolding in each moment.

Mind-less to Mindful

Before I became mindful, I was quite mind-less.  In my youth (well… in hindsight…if I’m honest up until I was about 40!) I was pretty disconnected. I was out of touch with a lot of my feelings and deeply absorbed in my own ‘stuff’: my woes or worries. I had absolutely no idea about how to be open to the present moment – I didn’t even realize it existed(!) Mindfulness, meditation with Michelle A. Hradiwck of Release...Peace, Cork, Ireland

I was so caught up in the roller-coaster of my life, focused on the variety of events that kept my attention and mind busy. I was either in the past or the future. I had no time nor space to bring my awareness to the present – to NOW. I also had a strong ego, and as I developed spiritually, I have to admit that suffered from a huge amount of spiritual arrogance too.

After my divorce and a further relationship break-up, I gained a very different perspective on my life. Thanks in part, to some pretty humiliating experiences – too numerous to mention here – but let’s just say I had to eat enormous portions of humble pie for a couple of years. What a leveler that was, yet all necessary to get me to where I am today. I’m know I’m still learning and I accept that – I don’t think I will ever stop. I am also aware that I have changed and thankfully moved from where I was.

Busy Mind

The practice of meditation can help us to become mindful. When I first began to meditate in my early 20’s, I’d lie down or sometimes I’d sit cross-legged (only to get horrendous cramp) or I’d try to relax with both my feet on the floor. I’d take a few deep breaths and then it started.

Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceMy mind wouldn’t stop. Instead of slowing down it became incredibly active, going 90-to-the-dozen! I’d have a shopping list of things come up in my mind, all sorts of random ridiculous thoughts. I would get so frustrated. The exact opposite of what I was attempting to achieve (sigh).

As I started to heal myself, to release unprocessed emotions and challenges from my past with the potent tools of EFT and Regression, I started to gain a little more command of my mind and thoughts. As my mind emptied, the more peaceful it became and the calmer I felt. Simple – but incredibly profound to experience.

“It is impossible to be peaceful or indeed mindful –
if there is a war raging on the inside”
Michelle A. Hardwick

Delving Deeper

When we regularly practice mindfulness, we can become more curious. We can begin to examine who we are (as well as who we are not), questioning our past conditioning and updating our view of the world. The more we let go of, the happier we become. We feel an increased sense of gratitude, grace, acceptance and awareness. Then we can enjoy the fullness of each moment we live, breathe and are alive.

How can Mindfulness help me?

Mindfulness has a number of positive benefits when practiced regularly. These include:

  • Greater appreciation of life and the things in it
  • Less stress, fear, anxiety and worry in the body/mind
  • Mindfulness, meditation with Michelle A. Hradiwck of Release...Peace, Cork, IrelandBetter memory, and an enhanced ability to process information and solve problems
  • Feelings of confidence and inner security/stability
  • Stronger immune system; improved health
  • More flexibility and acceptance of life’s challenges
  • Greater ability to relax
  • Positive mood, happiness and a feeling of emotional well-being
  • More focus, better decision making
  • Easier, calmer relationships with others
  • Click here to read research published about Mindfulness by the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, in the US.
  • Follow this link to read kind feedback about our corporate classes

My gratitude to Mary Kidney who kindly allowed me to use her magnificent photo of a sunflower for the featured image of this blog. Thanks Mary!

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Mindfulness with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...Peace

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