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Mindfulness has become of considerable and universal interest to those wishing to cultivate greater levels of self-awareness and inner peace. Research provides strong evidence that stress and anxiety can cause approx. 80% of workplace absenteeism, reduce work satisfaction, lower productivity and diminish happiness.

Many large organisations now provide mindfulness and meditation programmes for their teams to help reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Bespoke Mindfulness Training For You, Your Co-Workers & Workplace

The Release Peace Mindfulness Training Programme helps you and your co-workers with highly interactive and practical sessions to learn effective ways to calm the mind, body and “press pause” — ensuring you feel happier, have mental focus and clarity, achieve workplace targets efficiently…with less anxiety or stress.

“Almost anything will work better
if you unplug it for a few minutes
— including you.”

Release…Peace Mindfulness Training Programme – Changing Your Workplace

The benefits of our programmes include:

More cohesive team environments
Greater sense of well-being
Better able to cope with stress and anxiety
Improved mental health
The ability to live life mindfully
Enhanced interpersonal relationships
Restored inner calm and happiness
Improved ability to remain task-focused

“Over the past two years Michelle has been facilitating fortnightly Mindfulness and Meditation sessions here for our employees at Johnson Controls. It is the most impactful and successful aspect of our wellness program, with her classes being frequently oversubscribed! She provides a blissful sanctuary, where we can go to switch off, escape our daily pressures and truly re-energize.
She has also delivered Sleep Workshops as well as Mini-Retreats which I would highly recommend.
She is always extremely professional in her approach and I can honestly say she has made a huge positive different in the health and mental well-being of our workforce.

Aine O’Sullivan, HR Lead Ireland, Johnson Controls

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Mindfulness Training Designed to Provide a Lasting Benefit To Your Workplace

Mindfulness and meditation results can be seen best after a period of practice and time. Companies who actively engage in providing training programmes in the workplace have seen a significant reduction in workplace absenteeism, stress, as well as an improvement in a variety of health conditions.

Our Programme includes simple, practical ways to learn meditation along with strategies for self-care to help you and your co-workers develop (and maintain) a healthy, happy mind and inner calm. In each class, we offer a unique style of guided meditation that is experiential, easy to follow and suitable for everyone. These experiences are available for download, and continued listening ensures the positive benefits continue at home or in the office – long after the programme has finished. The recordings are tailored to the needs of the group and can help improve efficiency, foster calmness, build resilience, release stress and aid sleep.

The training is a perfect opportunity to enhance you and your co-workers well-being, inner-contentment and gain a greater ability to:

Cope better with stress and feel happier
Overcome fear and anxiety
Improve self-confidence and resilience
Enjoy more energy and vitality
Improve sleep
Build loving and tolerant relationships
Live with patience, inner peace and less aggression
Live mindfully and find contentment
Understand meditation

What Others Have Said

  • “These classes really are a great way to relax and recharge.”— Programme Attendee
  • “I have noticed a vast difference in myself and how I feel when I attend. I am aware of a new sense of peace and comfort that I did not have before.” – Programme Attendee
  • “Michelle manages to create a welcoming, soothing hour of mindfulness and relaxation. I always make sure I fit my meetings and Skype calls around her classes so I can attend them and get the benefits.” – Programme Attendee
  • “This Was The Most Well-Attended Wellness Programme We’ve Ever Had.” – HR Manager
  • “The peace and calm I experience through these classes has been, and remains, positively life-changing.” — Programme Attendee

To Discuss Further or to Arrange Mindfulness Training For Your Workplace
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