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Workplace Wellness


Workplace Wellness for your Team

Looking to support your team to help them de-stress – using potent tools of meditation, relaxation and mindfulness?

Our tailored relaxing weekly/fortnightly or monthly classes, are designed and tailored to support your team members to discover easy and proven ways to refocus, replenish their energy, relax and recharge.

Practicing organisational well-being and fostering self-care is vital. Our 45 or 60 minute classes can be integrated within the working week and ensure that employees’ well-being is at the forefront of your workplace and organisation.

And all this can take place without major disruptions to the workday or working week…

Being able to access resources as and when needed, is a crucial lifeline, helping your team develop resilience as well as maintain work and home life-balance.

Let’s Talk!

Chat with Michelle on (Ph: +353 0871 492338) to get clear on the best direction for your team and workplace wellness.

A tailored package can be created for you. Email Michelle with your questions and discuss your organisations needs.

Workplace Wellness

Choose from:

  • A variety of tailored corporate online Meditation Courses – 6 week or 8 week in length (or as required)
  • Weekly, Fortnightly online meditation and mindfulness classes
  • Seminars/workshops and retreats facilitated online
  • Online Virtual Zen/Meditation Room –  packed with helpful and practical resources for your employees to access anytime/anywhere
  • Discuss what you need with Michelle

Our programs are all interactive, practical and experiential. Each session is customized to your team and organisation needs.

Helping You Help Your Team

Our live, virtual sessions can focus on and  help resolve specific topics or challenges experienced by employees, for example;

  • dealing with anxiety and reducing worry
  • stress reduction
  • releasing tension in the mind
  • better sleep
  • coping with isolation and loneliness
  • improved mental focus
  • tips for a low mood
  • increasing energy
  • combating the feelings of being disconnected or stuck etc.

Sessions can also be specifically tailored to an in-house topic as required e.g. National Workplace Well-being Day, International Women’s Day etc. Email Michelle with your questions.

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