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Workplace Wellness


The practice of mindfulness and meditation is well known and centuries-old. Nowadays there is no need to completely disconnect from life or travel to a remote part of the world to experience it. Mindfulness at work helps:

  • Foster a feeling of calm, clarity and concentration – a clear antidote to stress and a boost to creativity
  • Change reactions, enhance resilience and improve interpersonal relations and communication
  • Reduce sick days and cut workplace stress or master peak levels of stress
  • Increase trust in leadership
  • Enhance focus on the task at hand
  • Boost productivity, focus and employee engagement
  • Ensure individuals reflect effectively and quickly recharge

Many of the world’s biggest companies already offer mindfulness and meditation: General Mills, GlaxoSmithKline, KPMG, Sachs, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, Nike, Aetna, Beiersdorf, Bosch, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Royal Dutch Shell, SAP, Target, the UK’s Parliament, the US Army and the US House of Representatives.

Corporate Wellbeing for Individuals

Release…Peace offers personal consultations, individual mindfulness and meditation tuition to CEOs, directors, partners and employees in high stress roles. These can be carried out on site, online or at a venue at convenient times to suit.

Workplace Wellness

In addition, Release…Peace specializes in:

  • A variety of tailored corporate Meditation Courses
  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Fortnightly or monthly meditation and mindfulness classes on or off-site
  • Seminars/workshops and retreats, to ensure a long, healthy, enjoyable and productive working life

All of our programs are customized utilizing a variety of tools from our extensive range of services and always include practical demonstrations and experiences. Contact us to discuss your requirements or call us for more details Ph: 087 149 2338 (or UK Ph: 07857369619)

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