About Release...Peace & Michelle A. Hardwick


About Release...Peace: Michelle A. Hardwick

Born in the UK, Michelle’s life began in the Hospitality Industry. At a very early age she worked for her parents in their fish and chip shops & restaurants before qualifying and beginning her career in the Hospitality Industry.

Later she moved to her Mother’s birthplace Zurich, Switzerland and continued working in the Swiss Hospitality Industry up to hotel management level. Eventually Michelle became a lecturer at ‘Les Roches’ – a Swiss Hotel Management School in Valais.

After living and working in Switzerland for 8 years, Michelle moved to Beijing, China and joined the Shangri-La Hotel Management Company. Her first position was in the Hotel itself and later she was given an oportunity to help set up pioneering joint-venture programmes for the Shangri-La’s local middle management teams.

After 3 years Michelle moved on and took up a new position in New Zealand.

From Hospitality to Hypnosis

Exhausted and burnt-out after moving to NZ in 1998, Michelle knew she couldn’t continue working the way she had been. After substantial retraining, Michelle began a successful clinic in Dunedin combining the tools of Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) where she helped countless people make profound changes in their lives.

Michelle also became a weekly guest on a New Zealand radio talk-show and was on Dunedin TV. She was a key note speaker in the NZ Hypnotherapists Association Conference in 2002, the Bowen Therapy Association Conference in 2003 and the NZ Naturopathic Conference in 2004.

Michelle was one of New Zealand’s leading EFT Trainers and Practitioners. From 2005-2015, Michelle traveled extensively, providing personal consultations, training and residential experiences in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, India, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Wales, the UK and the US. It was during this time Michelle progressed to her current undertaking ‘Release…Peace’.

About Michelle the Author

Michelle has published numerous articles in Spiritual, Health, Spa Magazines and Newspapers in New Zealand, the UK and Asia.

As a newly published author, Michelle’s own story features in Dr Brian and his daughter Amy Weiss’s recently released book “Miracles Happen”.

Michelle now lives happily in Ireland with her partner John, regularly traveling back to her native Wales.