What is Meditation?

Meditation is a method of slowing down your thoughts, reactions and breathing. The more your mind empties, the more you can overcome fears and/or painful emotions and connect to your inner peace. Meditation is also a way of training your mind. The more often you do it, the more you become free of inner-struggles and suffering.In addition, we become conscious of our emotions, our actions (and reactions). As we learn to be more self–aware, we are better able to manage ourselves. We begin to respond to a variety of circumstances in very different ways.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation & Relaxation with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceAll areas of our lives can benefit from meditation. The more stillness we feel within – the less judging we are of ourselves and others.With meditation we begin to develop acceptance, self–acceptance and self-love. As our journey within continues,we discover deeper qualities of peace and joy – normally hidden by stress, pressure, drama and emotional pain.

The more in command you are of your reactions the more you understand yourself and others. This not only boosts emotional intelligence but improves all relationships.

30 minutes of daily meditation helps your body and mind slow down and relax. Your immune system improves, your resilience builds and your mental health and cognitive development in enhanced.

In addition, when used regularly, meditation can enhance creativity and help you tap into an inner wisdom often shrouded with self-doubt, disbelief and a lack of self-trust.

New to Meditation?

There are many different forms and styles of meditation. When you are new to meditation, it’s often challenging to find the right class. Try a few. Be open to new experiences. Remember to be gentle on yourself and quieten the inner critic that will tell you that you can’t do it!

Meditation Groups

As our lives become busier and more stressful, more people are looking for ways to reconnect with themselves, find inner peace, stillness and silence. At Release…Peace we provide a variety of meditation options and groups:

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Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding meditation or relaxation, contact Release…Peace – we are here to help and support you. As we offer different meditation classes contact us we would be delighted to help you find the right class best suited to your needs. We also provide private Meditation consultations. Appointments can also be booked online. If  you are not living in Ireland, we can still work together online – via Skype and Zoom from the comfort of your office/home. Call us on: (Ireland) 0871492338 or (UK) – 07857369619 to discuss your needs.