Date(s) - 08/10/2019
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Douglas Yoga Rooms


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Secrets to a Great Nights’ Sleep

Insomnia - Help with SLeeping with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...Peace

We sleep best when we are content.

When we can feel irritated and panicked about not being able to sleep. Often our thoughts circle around events or plans for the following day/week. When this happens our brain goes into high gear and our body correspondingly tenses. This makes it almost impossible to fall or stay asleep.

So begins a downward spiral of sleep deprivation as we begin the next day tired, weary and stressed with increased brain activity. We wonder whether we will manage or master everything that must be done. If this is you, or someone you love, then help is at hand with our forthcoming workshop!

Sleep Workshop Course Content

In this 2-hour workshop, Secrets to a Great Night Sleep, we include:

  • sleep and breathing techniques;
  • quick calming exercises;
  • deep relaxation experiences as well as
  • group discussion and feedback.
  • There will also be a variety of basic relaxation tools shared to help improve sleep, to feel calmer, more peaceful and rested during the day.

This workshop is highly experiential, providing participants with a variety of take-home tools to help improve sleep and wellbeing and is tailored to 10-16 people.

  • Discover how you can relax your body and wind down your mind
  • Develop new ways to help you sleep better and sleep well
  • Learn about the right mental approach to help you sleep deeply
  • Experience ways to feel calmer

The easy to follow tailored relaxation experience will be recorded and must be listened to each evening to help re-programme your mind for sleep. When listened to regularly, the recording can help you drift into sleep and train your mind to stay asleep. Please note, for best results it is essential for you to make time each day to practice the tools shared in this workshop.  Results improve with practice as you integrate the skill of relaxation to help you sleep more easily.

Sleep Workshop, Secrets to a Great Nights Sleep, Michelle A. Hardwick, Release...Peace, InsomniaWhat to bring

For your comfort and to get the best out of the workshop:

  • bring your own blanket and pillow
  • a notebook/journal and pen (if you’d like to make any notes)
  • drinking water in a bottle
  • if you have your own yoga mat please feel free to bring it along with you

What to wear

Ensure you wear warm, comfortable, loose fitting clothing and bring a pair of warm socks.

Your Investment in Yourself

The cost of the workshop is 28 Euros and includes one recording for continued support after the workshop has ended. Tickets can be purchased online (below).


The workshop will take place at the Yoga Rooms in Douglas, Cork, Ireland. For more details click here.

This Workshop isn’t for you if you:

  • Can’t commit to 2 hours self-care from 3-5pm
  • Are not ready to change, learn or be part of a group
  • Prefer not to share anything about yourself – instead you might benefit more from a one-on-one consultation

More Information

Check out our blogs to discover more about mindfulnessmeditation as well as insomnia.


Secret to a Great Nights Sleep Workshop in Douglas help with Insomnia - Sleep Deeply Workshop with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceMichelle A. Hardwick has extensive experience in the mind, body, spirit and emotional healing field. For almost two decades, Michelle has offered insights and potent tools to individuals and groups around the world – from Cork to China, New Zealand and many countries in between.

She has helped countless clients from all walks of life make fundamental changes in their life and Michelle’s clients confirm time and again that she is a gifted, empathetic practitioner who works in a supportive and co-creative way using humour and sensitivity to create a safe, unique experience.

Michelle is the founder of Release…Peace, an organisation that facilitates weekend experiences to assist growth and personal development. Release…Peace also hosts life-changing weekend retreats in Mallow and 8-night experiences in a variety of locations around the world.

Michelle provides fortnightly mindfulness and meditation training to staff in multinational companies in Cork and also works with the Maryborough Hotel & Spa facilitating weekly meditation and mindfulness classes there. More details of her classes here

Contact Details

Feel free to contact Michelle here or Phone – 087 149 2338                    


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