What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceHypnosis has long been associated with the strange and mysterious, with sideshows or faith healers. But the truth is that hypnosis isn’t the least bit mysterious or controlling. It is in fact a state of intense relaxation and concentration, where the mind becomes remote and detached from everyday cares. In this relaxed state, positive suggestions for change and growth can be given to the subconscious and these become part of the way we then behave and live our life.

Will I loose control during Hypnosis?

Despite popular belief, you are always in control of the hypnosis process. You will not do anything you do not think is acceptable. You cannot be made to violate your own values or accepted patterns of behaviour, nor disclose anything you do not wish to.

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What can I expect?

The focus of a consultation is to empower you from anything that no longer serves you. Before commencing, a discussion takes place to determine your goals and needs. Once the focus of your consultation is established, you are invited to get comfortable in a reclining chair, to close your eyes and slow your breathing down. You begin to feel more relaxed and calm as your mind and body become quieter.


Hypnosis with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...PeaceWhat can Hypnosis do for me?

Hypnosis is a very pleasant, enjoyable experience and is a powerful way to access your mind, to help you grow, evolve and make positive changes. Hypnosis can help you to:

  • Increase Confidence, Self Esteem & Motivation
  • Alleviate Nerves & Stress
  • Improve Performance
  • Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Fear or Phobias
  • Focus More Clearly
  • Remove Obstacles & Blocks to Success, Health, Well-being and Happiness
  • Create New Belief Systems
  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Tap Into Powerful Inner Resources
  • Remove Negative Beliefs & Programming
  • Have More Fun!

michelle-hardwick of Release...PeaceAll Success Starts in The Mind

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