Giving Your Power Away

What Does ‘Giving Power Away’ mean?

When we give our power away – we find it difficult to say no to others. To avoid conflict (and keep the peace) we find ourselves saying yes to other peoples’ demands – when we mean no. We end up in a double bind: ‘we are damned if we do – damned if we don’t’. We are constantly trying to please others – and it gets utterly exhausting over time!

 Astrologer Cindy Mckean says: “Whenever anyone successfully has a negative influence on your day or finds a way to disrupt  your own personal baseline even just a little, you’ve given your power away.”

Giving our power away usually happens when we are craving outside approval or seeking love from outside ourselves. We tend to have little or no inner strength, we feel powerless and often stay in dysfunctional relationships; be that at work, friends, family or lovers – for far too long.

Copying Our Parents’ Behaviour

Giving Away Our Power psositve change with Michelle A. Hardwick Release...PeaceGiving our power away is a pattern of behaviour that we will have observed within our family of origin. It can often be the result of low self-esteem or anxiety. Sometimes it can stem from a fear of abandonment or rejection.

If our parents never learned how to set boundaries or say no – then we won’t have learned how to do it. To make matters worse – if we did manage to build up the courage to say no to our parents, it’s possible that we were made to feel guilty, told we were selfish, uncaring or mean. We would not however, have been aware as children, that the parent who was angry or upset about us having said no – was ultimately the one who had the problem.

How Do You Give Your Power Away?

Recently, Marc Lesser shared the following comprehensive list in a newsletter. Here’s how he says we can give our power away:

  • I say yes when I mean no.
  • I rush from one thing to another to get to the “important” stuff and don’t appreciate what I am doing in the moment.
  • I overthink decisions, and then overthink my overthinking.
  • I feel helpless and hopeless in light of what’s happening in our world today.
  • I get impatient and frustrated with myself and others over petty issues.
  • I underestimate my abilities.
  • I don’t make clear requests or ask for help – either because I feel like I need to do everything myself or I am afraid that others won’t respond to my needs.
  • I avoid expressing strong emotions and often ignore my gut feelings regarding what I want or what I believe is right.
  • I talk to fill space, fearing an uncomfortable silence.
  • I check email, social media, or find other distractions when I feel the least bit sad or anxious.
  • I am critical of myself for making mistakes or for making decisions that don’t turn out well.
  • I don’t consistently take care of myself – I don’t get enough exercise, enough sleep, or enough healthy food.
  • I avoid having deep conversations or discussing topics that make me feel vulnerable.
  • I compare myself to others when it comes to appearance, money, and status.
  • I sometimes feel like a failure, stuck in the gap between where I am now in my work and life and what I know in my heart is possible.


Giving Your Power Away Michelle A. Hardwick Release...PeaceIt is healthy to maintain our power, say no and set a boundary and it takes takes courage. So start with baby steps…practice saying no once a day (not for major things/decisions: just small things – like having an extra cuppa or when you are offered another biscuit etc.). Remember too, that you are learning the skills of self-care, self-love and self-value. Saying no is honouring ourselves.

 “When you do not seek or need approval,
you are at your most powerful.”
~ Caroline Myss

Remember the only people who become upset about us saying no are the people who benefit from us constantly saying yes to/for them. When we begin to say no, we feel happier, our relationships start to improve, our self-esteem gets a boost, and over time you will feel more confident.

Giving Power Away: Focus of our Next Weekend Retreat

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