Date(s) - 10/06/2017
9:45 am - 4:00 pm



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Freedom From Anxiety & Fear (Seminar)

with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release…Peace

Date: Saturday 10th June 2017

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

What is Included:

  • Discover powerful tools to help you (or your loved one) live life without anxiety, fear and/or panic attacks.
  • Learn how to relax using positive and easy techniques.
  • finding happiness and confidenceMP3 recordings of relaxation experiences (tailor-made during the seminar). When you use the MP3 relaxation daily, you will experience an increased sense of self-belief, personal power and confidence.
  • Feel more calm and grounded.
  • Increase your self-esteem, connectedness and let go of the feeling of fear of situations and other people.
  • Light refreshments e.g. tea/coffee

What to Bring: Bring a notepad & pen, a water bottle, lunch for yourself (there are shops around to buy lunch if you need to) as well as your humour and an open mind.

What to Wear: Warm comfortable clothing, including socks. A yoga mat, blanket & pillow for the relaxation segments of the day.

Venue: Douglas ICA Hall (Irish Countrywomen’s Assoc.) Opposite Douglas Community Park, Church Road Douglas

Parking: Paid parking is available beside the venue

Price: €65

Choose positive growth and freedom today!


Michelle A. Hardwick

Michelle A. Hardwick
Michelle A. Hardwick

Based in Cork, Michelle creates a safe and nurturing environment. She is highly skilled and her areas of expertise include meditation, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques – tapping). Practicing and teaching internationally since 2005, Michelle’s business (Release…Peace) combines potent tools for evolution and growth. She facilitates regular life-changing weekend experiences in Ireland and overseas.  In addition, one to one consultations for positive change are available in person or on-line.

For more details contact
Phone:   087 769 0013
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“Personal empowerment begins with small choices that set enormous changes in motion.
One positive action can create an entirely new life”.
Carolyn Myss

Kind Feedback

“I am extremely happy I joined your seminar. I was a bit hesitant and a little nervous about what to expect. I realize now there was no need for me to be nervous.” N. Hong Kong

 “I am happy with everything in this seminar. What was valuable and useful for me has happened inside already, very much appreciated. This has been very useful to me in releasing and opening. It touches deeply.”  T., Hong Kong 

“It was all it needed to be. Everyone got what they needed at that point. And it was really a case of you get as much as you are willing to open up.”  N., China

“I felt the workshop meditations worked well for me as did the relaxation and teaching sharing part. The seminar was well organised and structured. You were responsive to the needs of the participants & gauged the workshops/week accordingly.” S., Greece  

“I really appreciate the time we spent together. Thank you very much for sharing and the enlightenment. I learned more new things about myself and found peace in myself.” M. China

 “I want to thank you again for the life-changing experience you gave us!” K. Vietnam

“I wanted to thank you so much for this incredible experience.”  M., Hong Kong


This event is fully booked.